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Coding for Homeschool Kids

At Homeschool Code Academy our mission is to make it easy and painless for you to incorporate computer programming (also known as coding) into your kid's homeschool experience.   

Homeschool Code Academy was founded by Matt Bohn a previous homeschool student, professional software engineer, and homeschool dad.   We understand homeschooling, in fact this curriculum grew out of a live class taught to kids in our local community.    We know how valuable even a basic knowledge of computer programming is in our digital world, and that many parents are overwhelmed at the thought of teaching it themselves.  That's why our lessons start at the very beginning, requiring no prior experience by the parent or student.    

We hope that the video lessons at Homeschool Code Academy will make it fun and easy for homeschool kids to learn coding, build problem solving skills, and discover the joy of being a creator not just a consumer of technology.

Our goal is to deliver high quality, self-paced video lessons that are engaging and allow the student to learn by doing and have early successes.    At the same time, we want the process to be easy on parents.   We know homeschool parents are busy and have many hats to wear so our lessons are designed to require minimal time and supervision from parents.  

We also want to be there when you get stuck, so we're always just an email away to help with any challenges you face.    Just contact us at support@homeschoolcode.academy.

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Teacher and Founder

Matt Bohn

Hi, I'm Matt - previous homeschool student, college grad, professional software engineer, business owner, and last but not least a homeschool dad!  My hope is that our video lessons can make it fun and easy for kids to learn computer programming .    

My lessons are designed to teach programming one small step at a time.    Most lessons introduce one concept in a 4-7 minute video.  Students watch me as the instructor write code in the same tools they will use.   After coding along with me, I provide challenges for students to try on their own to re-enforce the concept just learned.     And, if you need help with a challenge a video solution is always there to see how to solve that challenge!

My programming journey started as a homeschool kid with a Texas Instruments computer back in the 80’s. I had an insatiable curiosity about computers.   I created my first programs from whatever I could glean from outdated library books and just typing things in to see what would happen.  I loved the endless possibilities of what I could create with programming, but I also experienced what it was like as a homeschool student trying to muscle through it on my own.   

By the time I finished high school, I had become proficient in multiple computer programming languages.    I have walked the journey of getting a college degree in computer science and finishing Summa Cum Laude.   

After my college experience, I worked as a software engineer at IBM on products used by global banks including Bank of America.  I later transitioned to a position at a smaller company doing web development on projects for national brands including Microsoft and Transamerica.    

For the last decade, I have run my own software development company building applications for multiple industries including agriculture, insurance, and medical device manufacturing.   My goal is to bring my experiences and knowledge together for the benefit of Homeschool Code Academy students.

In addition to being a software engineer, I'm a husband and homeschool dad of 4 beautiful children.  I have taught my own kids coding with the same lessons I have presented in this course.    Homeschool Code Academy was born out of my desire to share my knowledge, experience, and skills with my kids and other homeschool kids who may not have access to the instruction they need.    

My goal is to make learning to code accessible to homeschool kids and painless for their parents.  It is my hope that our courses will be fun and inspiring while building valuable skills for the the digital world we live in.