Why Homeschool Code Academy?

  • Designed for Homeschool Students

    Our courses have been designed by a homeschool parent who is also a professional software engineer, business owner, homeschool graduate, and college graduate.

  • Self-paced Video Lessons

    Our on-demand video courses allow your student to learn at his or her own pace. Videos may be re-watched throughout the course if your student needs to review previous concepts.

  • Hands-On Lessons and Solutions

    Your student will learn by coding along with the teacher in the videos. Throughout our courses there are hands on challenges for your student to try on their own and complete video solutions are provided for every challenge.

  • No Previous Experience Needed

    Our courses start with the basics and assume your child has no prior programming experience. Our goal is to build your student's skills and confidence with early successes.

  • Middle to High School Level

    You might be wondering when your child is ready to learn programming. Students as young as 5th grade have completed our course content.

  • Fun and Entertaining

    Your student will learn from fun and entertaining examples. In our introductory Python course your student will make their computer speak, draw colorful 2D graphics, and create an arcade style space game complete with sound effects and keyboard controls.


"It made learning fun"

by Rachelle F. (Homeschool Mom)

My daughter learned so much from this class and taught me a few things as well. The instruction was simple and straightforward and it made learning fun! I definitely recommend this class to those interested in learning more about programming.

"My son learned so much in a very short space of time"

by Jennifer E. (Homeschool Mom)

My son (13 yr old) took Matt's coding class last semester and thoroughly enjoyed it! Matt is an extremely competent, thorough teacher and my son learned so much in a very short space of time. This class was definitely worth it in every way and I highly recommend Matt and his expertise in this field.

My boys took this class and absolutely loved it!

Cricket W. (Homeschool Mom)

My boys took this class and absolutely loved it! Matt is a wonderful teacher who makes it easy for the kids to follow his instructions. My boys were so excited when they finished each project and would say, "Mom, look what I just did!"

"Very impressive and easy to follow"

Gabriele G. (Student)

Thanks for teaching Python. I'm really enjoying your course. Very impressive and easy to follow and easy to learn with your path. :) I`m 57 years old and wanted to learn Python so I was looking for a good course I can follow along easily and this is the one. I highly recommend this course for Beginners who want to dive into Python.

Meet the Teacher

Matt Bohn

My programming journey started as a home school kid with a Texas Instruments TI-99 back in the 80’s. Yes, I was around then (but barely missed the 70’s). My first programs consisted of copying BASIC programs from library books and then tweaking them to see what they would do. In the mid-90’s, as a teen I learned C++ and Pascal with Borland Delphi. I loved programming and the infinite possibilities it opened up to create things.

I continued on to earn a Computer Science degree from Texas Tech University.  My first paid position was as an intern at IBM testing the OS/2 Warp operating system. I thought it was cool to work on a product I’d seen advertised on TV. When I graduated, I took a position at IBM as a Software Engineer doing Java development and testing on financial service products. I then moved to a small company.  I started as a software engineer and eventually became chief architect. The work was fun and interesting and I got to work on cool projects for big brands like Microsoft, Trans-America, and Alaskan Brewing.    Then I set out and started my own company building custom software solutions.  I’ve had the privilege of  creating solutions for precision agriculture, warehousing, and even sports scouting software.

In addition to being a software engineer, I am a husband and dad to 4 beautiful children. I love swimming, spending time with my family, and being outdoors when I can.    Homeschool Code Academy was born out of my desire to share my knowledge and skills with my own kids.   

It is my hope that the courses we provide will unleash your student's creativity and equip them with valuable skills for their future.